Will technology replace people doing business with people?

SITUATION:  Nearly 20 years ago, Tom Opp was employed to direct the sales and marketing effort for Ford’s largest authorized remanufactured engine and parts company.  After his initial assessment, it was clear to Tom that there was impaired implementation of the company’s business strategy.
TASK:      Provide leadership to restructure the entire sales operation to improve its overall effectiveness.
ACTION:  Produce a training video to show all the employees, the customer-centric direction being taken, with examples of proper behavior by fellow employees.
RESULT 25% annual growth for five years growing sales from 32 million to 100 million dollars. To be fair, although the attitudes and focus of most employees did improve with training, better promotions also contributed to these results.
Millennials, X-generation or Baby Boomers, it doesn’t matter. The following should be evidence that “the more things change, the more they stay the same”. Yesterday or today, sales and marketing revolve around the art of communication and finding mutual benefit for both the seller and the buyer.

TOM Talk: Two minute tip from Tom Opp at the end of RMP video: