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1. The process of gaining website traffic and visibility by purchasing ads on search engines is known as:

2. The Marketing Mix variables in terms of the four Ps are:  Product, Place, _________and Promotion.

3. What is Push marketing?

4. A blog  is usually self-published by an individual or small group.

5. A tool for visualizing where prospects are in the process of making a buying decision is

6.  Selling is :

7. Person’s pattern of living as expressed in his or her psychographics represents which one of the following concepts?

8. The sales cycle from the customer's perspective is the sequence of phases one typically goes through when deciding to buy something.

9.  A system to track and organize all the company's relationships and interactions with customers and potential customers is known as:

10. Marketing conversion is a completed activity that is deemed important to business goals such as converting prospects into qualified leads.

11. Which is not a benefit of creating a strong and unique value proposition ?

12. Sales promotion does not involve:

13. When a computer user types a web address directly into their browser window, the identification string that is the most easily recognized part of the entire address is called:

14. What refers to a sale person's details on completed sales activity?

15 Advertising is a type of:

16. Tactics are the WHAT part of the business plan guiding the  Strategy which is the HOW part or actual means used to gain an objective.

17. The term cloud means:

18. What is the first step to most sales processes?

19. The term URL (Universal Resource Locator) is another name for:

20. The process of gaining website traffic and visibility from the organic, editorial or natural search results is known as:

21. What is Market share?

22. Sales Conversion means:

23. The sales cycle from the supplier’s perspective is the process of all the steps and activities associated with closing the sale.

24. The market share of a company can be increased by:

25. What is the aim of sales quota?

26. Which type of customers, are satisfied with what the selling organization has to offer in terms of product and customer service?

27. What is the first stage in the buyer's journey process?

28. This three step process (Attention, Awareness, Call-to-Action) best describes:

29. Which of the following is not a closing technique but a test to determine whether the person is ready to close?

30. Downloadable music, video tutorials and streaming media are all examples of:

31. Which best describes marketing ?

32. The steps of the Buyer’s Journey are: Needs Awareness, ____________Evaluating Alternatives, and Purchase Decision.

33. Marketing strategy is:

34. The origin of these two related terms refers to the supply chain and how the demand for the product is generated:

35. CPM means cost per thousand impressions for both online and offline advertising.

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