How does the OPPtimum Marketing membership work?

Simply put, we start off by providing you with a series of assessments that will diagnosis your current level of knowledge for the following topics: Marketing Fundamentals, Digital Marketing, Sales Management and Strategic Planning. Then once you are aware of the specific knowledge that you would like to acquire, we support you with our own exclusive tutorials and guide you toward additional authoritative resources. 

Exclusive Insights on How to Improve Results

Later, once you score 700 out of 1000 points on sales and marketing management knowledge, you move on to our Signature Courses. These courses  are designed to provide you specific advice on how to find and fix weak business strategy execution. You will be guided, with a consultant’s perspective, to step through performing your situation analysis for: Incomplete Go-to-Market Plan, Misaligned Narratives and Impaired Implementation. This will lead to your blueprint for recommended remedies for you to effectively improve your company’s results.

Funded Exclusively by Memberships

Tom Opp (dba OPPtimum Marketing) receives no income from affiliate or referral fees, paid advertisements or endorsements, nor any other compensation that might influence the objectivity of the content or recommended resources provided on this member-only website.

Take advantage of the OPPtimum Marketing membership benefits by enrolling and start your $39 per year subscription. Cancel at any time.

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